Accounting for Green
New research may change how commercial real estate loans are designed
Among the many risks involved in commercial real estate lending today, energy risk is so poorly understood that lenders simply do not have the tools they need to measure it. This ignorance of energy risk — the likelihood that higher energy costs compromise a building owner’s ability to make their
Bill Romanelli
Green for Green
Developers looking to build in the Capital Region are finding cash in emerging green-financing products. Some reward energy-efficiency upgrades, and others leverage public-private partnerships. Opportunities for these types of programs are increasing, yet the market struggles to assess consistently
Paul Hagey
Change of Plans
The future of community growth in the Capital Region hinges on the fate of several habitat conservation plans slogging through the development pipeline. A number of counties in the region have worked nearly a decade or more to create comprehensive, streamlined conservation plans that determine land
Nelson Harvey
Brownfields Land Some Greenbacks
Like many of the hundreds of Rancho Cordova business people going about their daily routines, Kyle Lam wasn’t aware the city was looking for the wispy trails of toxic waste dumped long ago. The city, which has a well-documented industrial legacy, received two coveted grants from the U.S.
Anne Gonzales
Trash & Prizes
Nowadays it’s not only hip for a business to go green, it’s the law. The state of California as well as some Capital Region jurisdictions have ordinances mandating recycling. It also has the attractive bonus of financial benefit. Some companies have saved hundreds of dollars, even thousands,
Linda DuBois