Brain Power
Research and development is the foundation for regional manufacturing growth
Like an oil derrick with arms, the school-bus-yellow robot is the center of attraction in an otherwise colorless room dominated by metal castings and concrete floors. Moving like a mime on a street corner, the robot picks up a metal casting, holds it to a computer-run camera and then places the
Bill Sessa
The Green Flash
An influx of green manufacturing companies and a burgeoning renewable-energy sector is creating the critical mass Solano County needs to usher in a new era of competitive economic growth. In the past 12 months, three green manufacturing projects took root in the county, creating hundreds of
Paul Hagey
Growth Strategy: Make More Widgets
As Sacramento attempts to forge a regional economic development strategy, manufacturing is being touted as a potential breadwinner, but rebuilding the industry piecemeal could take time. Business incentives in the Capital Region include availability of industrial space, connection to major
Robert Celaschi