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Sweet sorrow
California Senate leader Darrell Steinberg prepares for departure
Over the past two decades, Darrell Steinberg has become synonymous with Sacramento government, representing residents on the City Council, in the Assembly and, since 2006, in the Senate. In 2008, he became the first Sacramento-based leader of that chamber since 1883. In the five years since,
Rich Ehisen
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The Conductor
The California High-Speed Rail Authority replaced an engineer with a political operative to lead the nation’s biggest public works project. Jeff Morales instantly charmed his opponents but made technical decisions that placed high-speed rail at the mercy of the courts. Can Morales save his runaway train?
In a dusty corner of the Chowchilla fairgrounds, a small circle of men laugh together in a parking lot. The topic is college baseball. Two of the men wear suits and ties, the others, t-shirts and jeans. After a few minutes, the suits excuse themselves. One is Jeff Morales, the CEO of the California
Allen Young
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Kevin Johnson: With Kings resolved, Sacramento now needs to focus on soccer, baseball
'Strong Mayor' will make city more nimble, transparent, dynamic, says KJ
It’s been quite a year for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, topped in most people’s minds by his stunning, come-from-behind effort to block the Maloof family from selling and relocating the Sacramento Kings. We sat down with him recently to discuss basketball and several other topics important to
Rich Ehisen
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Acuity with Daniel Keen
Dusting off and moving forward
Daniel Keen, 54, was named city manager of Vallejo in March 2012. He has worked for seven California cities over a span of 30 years and has held city manager positions for 18 years. In the city-manager profession, we were all appalled at what was happening in some of the cities around the state.
Douglas Curley
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Paging Dr. Bera
Seeking remedies in the halls of Congress
U.S. Rep. Ami Bera has spent most of his career as one of the Capital Region’s leading voices on health care, first as a doctor and later as Sacramento County’s chief medical officer and a dean of admissions for the UC Davis medical school. But since being elected to Congress in 2010 to represent
Rich Ehisen
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GOP on Deck
Can the Republican contenders overcome Brown in 2014?
With just over a year until the midterm elections, California’s next gubernatorial race is starting to take shape. Gov. Jerry Brown is widely expected to ask voters to send him back to the statehouse in 2014. Republicans would love nothing more than to thwart the 75-year-old Democrat’s plans for a
Torey Van Oot
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Air Ball
Arena plan, meet CEQA reform
When Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson appeared before NBA bigwigs last April to plead his case for keeping the Kings, there was a lot more to the pitch than whether investors could afford to buy the team. Just as concerning to David Stern and company was whether California’s notoriously tough
Rich Ehisen
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Is Sacramento Permanently Democratic?
Voter trends with lasting effects
The 2012 election may have spelled the end for a 30-year boomlet of Republican legislative and congressional representation in Sacramento.    In the spring of 1978, all the  Sacramento-area members of Congress and the Legislature were Democrats. But in November of that
Tony Quinn