The strategy behind the scientist
Marrone Bio Innovations' Pam Marrone on her time with Monsanto, women in business and getting let go of her own company
Pam Marrone, 57, is the founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations. Launched in 2006, the Davis-based company develops and sells biologically derived products to kill pests and fertilize plants. She took her company public last summer with an IPO that netted $56.4 million. In 1995, she founded
Douglas Curley
The Robots Are Coming
Technologies of tomorrow are making their way onto the crop fields of today
Society is confronted by four stubborn facts: Fact 1) There are currently about 7.2 billion people on the planet. Fact 2) By the year 2050, this is expected to grow to 9.6 billion. Fact 3) Those people will still need to eat. Fact 4) The planet is not growing additional
Jeff Wilser
Are you Watching?
Is your company taking advantage of the latest security options?
The scene was right out of a TV cop drama. Shots rang out. A crowd ducked for cover. The bad guys sped off in a getaway car. The incident in a Sacramento shopping mall last year was real life. But just like on television, the case was wrapped up in three hours, with the bad guys in jail and the car
Bill Sessa
Sac Area Clean Technology Sector Enters New World
The green rush is over. Now what?
For much of the past decade, venture capitalists showered dollars upon clean-technology startups with promising-sounding ideas in areas like solar, electric cars and biofuels. That era appears to have ended. Venture capital for clean tech has sharply declined, but giant corporations are filling
Allen Young
Economic Regeneration
Can stem cells grow the region’s bottom line?
A broken leg used to be a death sentence for a horse. Now, the University of California veterinary teaching hospital in Davis is using stem cells to help the horses heal quickly. The university also is developing “disease teams” at the medical school to use stem cells on the liver, blood vessels
Robert Celaschi
Heater’s Digest
Organic waste to renewable energy gains traction
Children now have logical reasons for not finishing their brussels sprouts at the dinner table. If they’re thrown away, it could be good for the economy and the environment. A Gold River company has found a way to turn food scraps into energy — a process called anaerobic digestion — on a
Stephanie Flores
Passing Clouds
The debate over public/private clouds
Instead of sitting down to watch White Christmas or another streaming movie or TV show, Netflix online video users huddled around their television on Christmas Eve were greeted with an unfortunate message: the online content was unavailable. The shutdown, which lasted about 12 hours and affected a
staff report
Is mobile point-of-sale technology right for your small business?
On a drizzly afternoon in downtown Sacramento, Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen is hard to miss.    The food truck’s orange flames blaze along its sides and stand out against the muted surroundings as the smoke and smells rising from pulled pork, Korean braised beef and grilled cheese
John Blomster