“The Perspective Shift”, artwork of Jennifer Lugris

ARTHOUSE Studios and Gallery

Back Event Sep 14 @ 5 pm By Merle Axelrad

ARTHOUSE on R is proud to present the art exhibition “The Perspective Shift” at ARTHOUSE Gallery on R Street in Sacramento, September 12 – October 7, 2024. Please join us as we feature the paintings of Jennifer Lugris at ARTHOUSE Gallery, 1021 R Street, in Sacramento. The opening reception and opportunity to meet the artist is Saturday, September 14th, from 5pm-8pm.

The exhibition is curated by Arthouse resident artist, Kate Farrall. The Perspective Shift, is an exhibition that explores human potential. It’s a call to action for individuals to embrace their natural proclivity and have courage, sacrifice, and determination to achieve their life’s purpose. As the granddaughter of North Korean and Franco Spanish refugees, the artist comes from a long line of ancestors who courageously fled from persecution. Shaped by growing up watching the hard work and sacrifice of her immigrant parents, she knew she had no excuse other than to make her own dreams come true. Jennifer is now living her dream to be a mother as a mom of three. It’s through the daily struggle that she’s found the most reward and growth as a person. In this exhibition, she shares her experience by revealing her tumultuous daily life, and diving into the labor that goes into carrying, birthing, and bringing up children. At first, abstracted paintings of the kids’ screaming faces are meant to evoke discomfort, referring to the normal fears and difficulties involved in raising children. The use of vibrant colors, however, is optimistic, pointing to the fact that doing hard things is essential for growth and not to be avoided. Acknowledging that hardship is an integral part of achieving rewarding goals, this exhibition encourages viewers to recognize that enduring challenges is not only a part of life but a pathway to extraordinary achievement and self-discovery. It’s encouragement to be brave.

This exhibition also features her book Supermoms, a collection of stories from mothers who have gone above and beyond. It’s for those who need encouragement or are lacking in community. The mothers in this book revealed a profound truth: that our children have the ability to transform us into superhumans. This book reminds mothers of their own superpower. In addition to The Perspective Shift, ARTHOUSE’s 19 resident artists will open their studios to the public for Second Saturday, September 14, from 5:00-8:00 PM. To learn more about artist, Jennifer Lugris, please visit: www.jenniferlugris.com