A Note on Our April Issue

Back Commentary Mar 30, 2018 By Allison Joy

Our April issue should be rolling off the printing press any minute now, soon to hit stands and mailboxes throughout the region. That process, between when we send files and receive a magazine, can take upward of two weeks.

This issue contains an interview with Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn, which was conducted over a month prior to the officer shooting of Stephon Clark. While the officers perceived Clark as armed, he died in his grandmother’s yard with only a cellphone in his hand.

We learned of the shooting just before our press deadline and were unable to follow up with Hahn prior to publishing. This is noted in the pages of our print publication, and we immediately set to work on a follow-up with him that will run online in the coming weeks.

Beyond that, in the light of recent events, our cover image has the potential to take on new meaning. The story, “Lost in Translation,” by Jeff Wilser, is about our unwavering addiction to our smartphones, the information overload it leads to and ultimately the breakdown of the relationship-building soft skills so necessary in leadership and in life.

Comstock’s Cover

The image, of a black model holding a cellphone over her mouth with the words “Speechless: Why we can’t just put the phone down and say something,” feels less innocuous than how it was intended, given the events that followed its creation.

In the immediate aftermath and as events unfold, we grieved and continue to grieve with our community. We stand with the residents, city officials, and business and nonprofit leaders working to bring people together and seek solutions during a period of overwhelming strife. We hope Sacramento can help lead the way to a safer and more just world for all.