Survey: College Students Spend $2,000 a Month on Housing, Books, Food

Nearly one-third of student surveyed said they didn't have enough money to cover housing expenses; more than one-third said they can't afford books and supplies

The price of college has become a hot-button issue at both the state and national level, but data has been scarce about how much, beyond tuition, California students actually spend on the housing, food, textbooks and other non-tuition items that they also need to earn a degree.

Sep 12, 2019 Felicia Mello

College Confidential

There are proven ways to navigate the college admissions process without cheating the system

With tens of thousands of undergrads applying each year for limited spots, California’s college systems have approved admission criteria for assessing incoming freshmen. While the strength of a student’s academic record is one of its top considerations, the University of California system has established 14 factors — both academic and nonacademic — for undergraduate admissions.

Sep 10, 2019 Laurie Lauletta-Boshart

Funding An Array Of College Possibilities

Sponsored by Patrick K. Willis Company, Inc. for Future Sacramento

For students without family precedent, individual guidance and financial means, college can seem unattainable. Complex college applications and financial assistance paperwork complicate things further. Future Foundation of Sacramento identifies students who, despite these obstacles, show motivation and the ability to excel, and provides an array of resources to overcome the challenges.

Jennifer von Geldern

College ready, career prepared.

Sponsored by Pacific Coast Building Products for Cristo Rey High School

Cristo Rey High School Sacramento provides a quality Catholic college-preparatory education to students who have limited financial resources, and a unique work-study component enriches students’ lives beyond their academic accomplishments. Every student works five days per month, gaining valuable experience in jobs at medical facilities, construction companies, law firms, lobbying firms, marketing and public relations businesses, local government, and more. 

Jennifer von Geldern

While Needy School Districts Get More Money, Poor Students in Affluent Districts Suffer

California's 5-year-old school finance overhaul is working for disadvantaged students, but a study still finds that poor students aren't being helped in better-off districts

The study’s findings come amid pressure from lawmakers and advocates who have been concerned that the new system isn’t effectively channeling the extra state money to students, and that more progress hasn’t been made on the achievement gap. 

Aug 9, 2019 Ricardo Cano