Keeping It Clean

Back Photo gallery Apr 22, 2019 By Sena Christian

Jazmine Bonnett, owner of Blossom Bathhouse, works at a brisk pace. If she doesn’t quickly finish her bubble bath bars, the ingredients harden and become unsalvageable. A batch takes 30 minutes to make and yields about 20 individual scoops, which sell for $8.95 each.

During a high-production time, like before Mother’s Day, Bonnett will work 13-hour days. In one bowl, she measures and mixes dry ingredients, including baking soda, a foaming agent and yellow mica for coloring. She preps a second bowl in the same way, but uses green mica.

She separately mixes the wet ingredients, such as cocoa butter, before blending everything together and kneading the mixture. “The mixer does a good job, but it’s nothing like your hands,” Bonnett says. “I like to feel the textures and know how wet it is and what it’s going to do if I don’t act fast.”

She layers the two colors (pictured, bottom left), and uses an ice-cream scoop to place them onto a cookie sheet to cure for 3-4 days (pictured, bottom right). Bonnett and her sister, Antonia, launched their Oak Park-based business in 2016, and now sell locally at farmers markets, pop-up events, craft fairs and boutiques. Blossom Bathhouse was named a top-five finalist in the Downtown Sacramento Partnership 2018 Calling All Dreamers competition.