Weekend Warriors: Vermont & Montreal

Last weekend with Christine Calvin

Back Photo gallery May 28, 2015 By Christine Calvin

This past weekend my husband Scott and I were honored to officiate our first wedding! We tag-teamed the nuptials of our dear friends Chase Davis and former Sac Bee political reporter Torey Van Oot in Vermont over Memorial Day weekend. They’ve got fancy journo jobs now at the New York Times and NBC, so their big day made the society pages of the Times, which was super cool.

We decided to make a vacation out of it with our friend and fellow Sacramentan Justin Knighten, vice president at Lucas Public Affairs. We spent the three sunny days prior to the wedding in Montreal, eating all of the fois gras and raw milk cheese we could get our hands on. The city’s Bixi bike share system — which includes 3,000 bikes at 300 stations — was a highlight of the trip, as was the city’s revived waterfront promenade and extensive collection of restaurant-based parklets.