Thomas Hanns Jr

Marketing Assistant

Back Photographer

Thomas Hanns Jr is the marketing assistant for Comstock’s magazine. Hanns background is in graphic design, public relations and digital marketing. Hanns has a deep love for Sacramento’s arts and culture, a curiosity that cannot be satisfied and an entrepreneurial spirit that will not quit. On Twitter @thomashannsjr 

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Entrepreneur Unleashed

A HaneyBiz and Entrepreneur Organization event

HaneyBiz held its Entrepreneur Unleashed event at Allegiant Giving in Rocklin on April 26. The event featured a panel discussion with Roger Akers from Akers Capital, Kwame Anku from Black Angels Tech Fund and Vaibhav Nadguada from Moneta Ventures and was moderated by Mark Haney, founder/CEO, HaneyBiz.

May 2, 2018 Thomas Hanns Jr