Linked Learning Alliance 2014 Spring Convening

When: April 10, 2014

Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel

1230 J St

Sacramento, CA 95814

Interest in Linked Learning as a district-wide and region-wide strategy for preparing young people for college, career, and life has grown exponentially throughout California. New funding has emerged to support connections between schools and employers so that many more students will have Linked Learning opportunities. State policies are aligning to support quality implementation of Linked Learning.

The Career Pathways Trust and Youth CareerConnect funding opportunities provide the ability for districts and regions to improve collaboration and partnerships. The convening will help demonstrate how to maximize their potential to support growth and scale of quality Linked Learning opportunities across regions.The Linked Learning Alliance 2014 Convening will help districts and regions refine their collaborative plans. Participants will also learn more about strategies, connections, and policies that support quality, scale, and sustainability of Linked Learning in California.


About the Convening

The convening will be filled with dynamic speakers and provide multiple opportunities to participate in workshops where you will be able to learn from experts in the field and collaborate with your peers.

In addition to taking home a plethora of relevant policy and communications resources, attendees will learn how to:

Establish dual enrollment policies that help deliver Linked Learning on a regional scale.

Take advantage of California’s new accountability framework and Common Core State Standards to implement Linked Learning.

Work with Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) to maximize work-based learning opportunities for students region-wide.

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