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Rebecca Plumb & Meghan Phillips founded Honey Agency on the shared vision that organizations need both great design and clever marketing to build brands and get noticed. Nestled in midtown Sacramento, Honey Agency is a creative agency swarming the business of well-crafted food and drink.

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A Cup of Cheer

Starbucks transcends hokey marketing tactics with its controversial 2015 holiday cup

It’s no secret Starbucks’ holiday cuptroversy has created a lot of extra buzz for them this season. By removing the ‘“symbols of the season,” the coffee giant is being accused of going overboard to be politically correct. This new, bold design ignited an overblown conspiracy theory that got the internet chattering. But instead of mourning the loss of kitschy graphics, we are applauding Starbucks on their brand’s success.

Dec 17, 2015 Rebecca Plumb & Meghan Phillips