Status Check: Bonney Plumbing

New CEO Laurie Johnson picks up where Jimmy Crabbé left off

Back Update Aug 3, 2015 By Andy Galloway

Where Crabbé left off in the development of departmental training and service protocols, Johnson will be connecting the dots in the larger picture for the company.

“Jimmy did a great job internally within each department,” Johnson says, “so for the remainder of the year the focus will be one step further, making things seamless in preparation for an upgrade to our operating system, hopefully first quarter of next year.”

Johnson, who hails originally from Illinois, spent 25 years overseeing Matheson Trucking here in Sacramento, eventually stepping down as leader and board member in 2012. After finishing a two-year special project with Sacramento Surgical Arts in early 2013, Johnson was recruited to head up Abacus Plumbing in Houston, Texas, a sister company to Bonney through mutual investor Collin Hathaway of Skylight Capital.

After two years streamlining Abacus as the general manager and setting up a new Electrical division, Johnson decided it was time to return to California. She was still on Hathaway’s radar, however, and while in the process of helping Johnson build a network of contacts in the spring of 2015, Crabbé’s exit led to a logical position for Johnson with Bonney Plumbing.

“Bonney is in good hands with Laurie,” says Crabbé, who intends to stay in Sacramento. “The opportunities here, from an economic standpoint and with young, smart people getting businesses going, are amazing.”

Johnson’s goals at Bonney, beyond operations finesse and process flow, will also include increasing training around new efficiency technologies for water and air systems.

“Sacramento has a green awareness,” Johnson says. “There’s a lot we can do to help people save on their energy bills, and our technicians can walk homeowners through it all.”