Streamlining the Network

MySwirl aims to create the best features of social networking on one platform

Back Web Only Dec 23, 2015 By Lisa Mooney

While creating MySwirl, Tracy Saville envisioned a network and personal app that could help women unlock their potential, become more mindful, and better collaborate and connect professionally.

“I wanted people to have the freedom to unleash their potential, to collaborate without boundaries, to pursue their ideas and passion to make an impact in the world with as few boundaries as possible — and without having to use twenty different tools to do it,” Saville says.

My Swirl is a multi-functional app that features an online community, peer-to-peer collaboration and a marketplace. “Swirls” are groups you join or start for your specific goals; member assets are then leveraged within the swirl. Members can also leverage their products and services through the global Swirl Marketplace. Users can recommend other members (think LinkedIn’s recommendation feature) as well as offer products and services through the Swirl List (Saville describes it as a better alternative to Craig’s List).

“You can get a job, find an employee, utilize HR suites, CFO/CRM/marketing — business and group level tools as well as career channel tools if you don’t own a business,” Saville explains.

Saville and her team have been connecting with top organizations to inform the product’s development since April 2015. She reports that so far interest and demand have been high. Although MySwirl won’t officially launch until 2016, interested potential users can sign up on their website now to preview some of its features, including a daily 15-minute meditation. There are currently over 3,000 members of MySwirl — mostly women (Saville says the number of male users is growing) and mostly local.

Saville says she and her team are spearheading a national marketing campaign to reach women and men who believe gender inequality hurts men and women equally, and that collaborative platforms need to better leverage smart technology.

“In MySwirl, you are connected with the people, experiences, interests and information that you care about while reducing the noise and distraction of things and information you don’t,” says Saville.