Andrew Rose

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Andrew Rose is a writer and educator who lives in Natomas with his wife Cecy. His work has appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Modesto Bee, Citrus Heights Messenger and other publications. In addition he has written “Where does a clown go?” a book on his experiences as a circus performer.

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Art Exposed: Carrie Hennessey

The vocalist, instructor and writer emphasizes positive energy and risk-taking, whether onstage or coaching others

Carrie Hennessey has been known to belt out a tune while walking her dogs outside of her South Natomas home, but the neighbors in this otherwise quiet neighborhood don’t seem to mind. She picked up the moniker “Opera Mom” while her two children (now in their 20s) were in elementary school, but there is a lot more to her.

Aug 22, 2023 Andrew Rose