Erika Bjork

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Erika Bjork is the vice president of communications for Sacramento Republic FC. She was on this year’s Sacramento Metro Chamber Cap-to-Cap Steering Committee. Bjork sits on the Metro Chamber Civic Amenities Committee and is Sacramento’s 2014 Young Professional of the Year.

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Photo by PIDC/The Navy Yard

Go Time

Hey Sacramento, let’s stop talking and get something done.

You may have recently noticed some random references to JFDI. Maybe it was in a tweet or a sticker on the back of a cell phone. The initials stand for Just F*cking Do It. It isn’t a new movement or an acronym from a New York Times Best Seller. It represents an attitude, a mindset and — most importantly — an unwavering willingness to act.

Nov 1, 2013 Erika Bjork