Hayes Barnard

Chief Revenue Officer, SolarCity

Back Writer

As Chief Revenue Officer at SolarCity, Hayes Barnard focuses on the ways in which consumers, businesses and government organizations can switch to cleaner energy at a lower cost, through a range of integrated solutions. Prior to joining SolarCity, Hayes was the chairman and CEO of Paramount Equity, a consumer finance company specializing in mortgage, insurance and residential solar.  Hayes also serves as President of the GivePower Foundation, SolarCity’s initiative to provide light via renewable energy to schools that lack access to electricity.

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California’s Next Great Energy Innovation: Use the Resources We Already Have

A series of technical, financial and regulatory innovations have spurred the Golden State’s solar revolution thus far, but it’s still in its infancy. If California truly wants to unlock solar’s potential for the economy and environment, electricity providers and regulators will have to work together to create a cleaner, more resilient grid.

Apr 18, 2016 Hayes Barnard