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Jamee Villa has more than 16 years of communication and marketing experience. She is a communications specialist at The California State Retirees Associations, providing social media marketing expertise, assisting with website content/maintenance and exercising her graphic design and video production skills. She is also a social media consultant and a professional writer/blogger. Jamee resides in Colonial Heights neighborhood with her husband, Cam, and daughter, Poppy.

(Photo by Chantel Elder)

(Photo by Chantel Elder)

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5 Reasons to Join Your Neighborhood Association

When you gather a group of people interested in bettering their neighborhood, I am pretty confident good things will come your way. While most neighbors are interested in preventing crime, some are interested in clean public bathrooms or more street lighting. All of these personal agendas make for a diverse to-do list. When it becomes personal, the vested interest grows stronger within the group.

Feb 24, 2017 Jamee Villa