Maria Ogrydziak

Comstock’s editorial board member

Back Writer

Maria Ogrydziak AIA is a MIT-educated architect based in the Central Valley. Her award-winning projects explore regional design concepts in architecture and planning. She founded what is now the American Institute of Architects Central Valley Chapter’s Experience Architecture Week, celebrating the region’s buildings and designs. Maria co-founded the nonprofit Davis Opportunity Village, which seeks to provide innovative living spaces for those living homeless, that complement current public and private rehousing programs. Maria serves on the Comstock’s editorial board.

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Tiny Houses Offer One Solution for Housing the Homeless

Communities in the Capital Region are struggling with the increasing numbers of homeless in their streets and parks and have realized that the problem has to be addressed. Local programs help by providing meals and winter shelter. But the primary need is year-round, permanent supportive housing, because living in tents or on park benches is not a sustainable way of life.

May 26, 2017 Maria Ogrydziak