Mike Ornelas

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Mike Ornelas has been in the tax and accounting industry since he was 7, when his mom asked him to do some bookkeeping work and he’d get candy if he did a good job. As a partner in Ornelas & Associates, his family’s tax resolution/ tax preparation firm, he’s in charge of client acquisition and retention. He’s in the process of earning the Enrolled Agent designation. As a recovering nerd, he buys books just for fun. But mostly enjoys long walks on the beach with his wife and son.

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5 Ways to Save On Your Taxes

Taxes. Whether you’re married or single, many people I talk to would rather put my feet to the fire than file taxes. Why? Well, there’s the time it’s takes to gather all the information and documents needed to file your taxes. Then there’s the process of preparing the return online or hiring someone to do it for you. There are better things to do — like watching water drip or paint dry.

Apr 5, 2017 Mike Ornelas