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Turn The Beat Around

Back Article Aug 8, 2017 By Sena Christian

The Capital Dance Project recently announced a partnership with the Sacramento Kings and the Kings Foundation to produce their inaugural Sensory-Friendly Dance Performance on Friday, Aug. 25 at Crest Theatre.

Where: Crest Theatre, 1013 K St., Sacramento

When: 6-7 p.m., Friday Aug. 25

Cost: $5; tickets can also be purchased for donation

The performance is designed to create an inclusive environment for people living with autism and sensory, social and learning disabilities and their loved ones to feel comfortable while enjoying the work of some of Sacramento’s most-accomplished dancers.

Old-school theater rules, like sitting and watching quietly, will be ignored. Members of the audience are encouraged to engage with the performance and express themselves by dancing, talking, singing and moving around the space.

“It will open up a whole new and magical world to people who have never been able to experience a live dance performance before,” says Alexandra Cunningham, a dancer and co-founder of CDP, adding, “Dance is for everyone — not just those who can afford it, or who can sit quietly, or who can tolerate loud music and lighting effects. Dance, at its core, is an expression of the human condition, our hopes and dreams, and everyone should have the opportunity to experience it.”

Photo courtesy Capital Dance Project

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Cunningham says this performance exemplifies just one of the ways the CDP dancers are committed to making dance accessible to all. The dance company also offers affordable ticket prices and non-traditional programming to attract a broader audience with hip and contemporary pieces.

CPD, for instance, isn’t likely to do a version of the classic “Swan Lake.” They are, however, likely to partner with local musicians and artists for performances that “open the public’s eye to what dance actually is,” Cunningham says.

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