(Greater Sacramento Urban League Unity Ball 2017 Photo Tia Gemmell)

Unity Ball

Presented by Greater Sacramento Urban League

Back Apr 26, 2018 @ 5 pm

Join us for the 50th Anniversary Unity Ball at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento. 

From South Sacramento’s Oak Park to North Sacramento’s Del Paso Heights, Greater Sacramento Urban League has been the urban solution for youth and adults offering training and services that strengthen the whole health of families and communities.

50th Anniversary is our time to craft a new Urban League narrative paving the way for vibrancy to our region. I look forward to our future and to advancing our gains building platforms for civic involvement, developing housing and commerce, forming solid networks which support families and promote youth leaders, creating community-controlled assets, and reinvigorating the Del Paso Heights and Oak Park communities through collaborative partnerships, risk-taking and learning.

Since its debut in 2000, Unity Ball continues to capture the essence of the region’s commitment to diversity. It is also an annual reminder of the benefit to achieving diversity thru the unification and bonding of neighborhood and business communities ~ an action in keeping with the Urban League’s mission of advocacy and eradication of all barriers to equal participation.

Yet, despite our diverse make-up, beneath the multi-colored surface, the region’s 2.6 million inhabitants still vacillate between racial harmony and ethnic tension.

We welcome and look forward to your generous support of Unity Ball 2018 and our 50th Anniversary. We promise an evening of entertainment by a nationally acclaimed R&B artist, recognition and networking with the best of the best in the Sacramento Region. Of equal importance, Unity Ball is a primary source for critical funds needed to support underserved youth and adults in their journey to achieving economic self-reliance

Save the date more, details to come.