Photo by Photo: Jayson Carpenter

Photo by Photo: Jayson Carpenter

Crush Kitchen 2009 Red Angel on the Moonlight Pinot Noir with Beet Salad

Back By Michael Warren, owner and executive chef, Crush Kitchen, Lodi

Crush Kitchen 2009 Red Angel on the Moonlight Pinot Noir with Beet Salad:

The sip: Legend has it, Italian winemaker Silvio Jermann’s red-headed daughter was born on the evening of a full moon, hence the name “Red Angel on the Moonlight.” With a distinctive, light-ruby color, the wine’s nose is rich in alcohol with a grassy flavor and the typical Pinot Noir perfumes of berries and black currant. The taste is delicate, fresh and light on tannins. Because the wine is rich in flavor and texture, Warren says it softens the dish and enhances the salad’s natural flavors.

Where to find it:

The eatery Crush Kitchen is located at 115 South School Street in Lodi ( seating: Crush Kitchen and Bar is located inside Woolworth Place on South School Street in Lodi ( The wine list is 168 bottles deep and includes a wide selection of European and Lodi varietals.

What to eat with this wine:

The salad: Chef Warren and his partner have a home garden wherein more than 80 percent of the vegetables used at Crush Kitchen are grown. The beet salad includes organic greens and red and gold beets topped with balsamic vinaigrette, toasted almonds and herbed goat cheese balls rolled in fennel pollen, paprika and organic thyme.

Crush Kitchen and Bar opened its doors in downtown Lodi in November 2009. “It was Black Friday, a rather auspicious day to start a business,” recalls Michael Warren, owner and executive chef. But the Brooklyn-raised and self-taught chef was unfazed. Today, the establishment exudes his heart for Mediterranean and California food and wine and the business of its preparation and presentation.

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