Photo by photo by Kelly Roberts

Photo by photo by Kelly Roberts

Piramide tequila

Back By Ernesto Delgado

Piramide tequila:

Distilled in El Arenal, Mexico, this organic tequila is made from the finest agave grown in the valley region of Jalisco. It is twice distilled in small batches using a traditional method that results in vibrant flavor. This unaged silver, or blanco, is the purest form of tequila and straddles the line between spicy and smooth. It has a forward nose of agave followed by zesty citrus, cinnamon and pepper flavors on the palate.

Where to find it:

Tequila Museo Mayahuel at 12th and K streets in downtown East Sacramento, (ask for it in the summertime bloody mary), Chargin’s Bar & Grill in East Sacramento, JK Liquor & Wine in Sacramento or direct from the importer at $24 a bottle.

What to eat with this wine:

Chef Ramiro Alarcon suggests Fiesta Mayicana du Fruta, seasonal fruits infused with salt, lime and chile (pictured above); and Canola de Ceviche, a blend of fresh ceviche with infused lime, chile, cucumber, mango and cilantro.

Ernesto Delgado is the owner of Tequila Museo Mayahuel in Sacramento. Located in the Hyatt Regency building, the restaurant celebrated its grand opening this past Cinco de Mayo.