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Does coverage for egg freezing help or hinder women in the workplace?

Back Discussion Topic Oct 15, 2014

Social media is abuzz today with announcements from both Apple and Facebook that they will cover egg freezing for female employees who want to put off having children. 

Kudos or crazy? Here’s what some of the women on our staff had to say: 

“Why not? I think it’s OK for a woman to admit she can’t or doesn’t want to ‘have it all’ — i.e. raise children and focus on her career — at the same time. If your employer is supportive of family planning efforts, even better.”  —Allison Joy, digital editor


“Skip the egg freezing and pay for my childcare. It sends a message that a women can’t choose to be both a mother and a career woman.”  —Mia Lopez, community engagement specialist 


“Whoa. This sounds like it will open a very, very expensive can of worms. Seems like covering an elective procedure of this magnitude puts just about everything else on the table. Gonna need some more information on this one.”  —Christine Calvin, editor in chief


What do you think? Let us know in the comments! But first, fill in the blank…

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