1 Day Cannabis Business Training

Presented by 420 college

Back Event May 19, 2018 @ 10:01 am

If you are thinking about entering the cannabis industry or have made up your mind and are ready to start a cannabis business in California, our Cannabis Business Training Courses are for YOU!!!

Our primary objective is to – first and foremost – provide the facts – period.

Objective #1: Step-by-step review of state requirements to start any type of cannabis business in California.

Our consultants and attorneys know the law inside and out and have been working in other states with similar laws such as Oregon’s recreational Measure 91, Washington State’s Initiative 502 and Colorado’s Amendment 64 recreational marijuana laws.

  • Business permits and licensing requirements with focus on city and county regulations
  • How to deal with city/county ordinances and bans
  • Creating Operating Procedures and Business Plans
  • Tax challenges and strategies
  • Banking strategies
  • Location finding and dealing with landlords
  • Insurance agents will be covering exactly what is insurable
  • Advertising strategies
  • Packaging requirements

Make sure All of your questions have been answered before you leave and you have a good comprehensive understanding of what it takes to start and operate a cannabis business in any city or county in California

Once you take our seminars, You can always call or email our staff, faculty or instructors if you want further assistance, we’ll do our best to answer your questions all for FREE!

Networking Opportunities:

420 College Events Give You a Chance to Reach Out and Meet Others like you who are just getting into the industry. Don’t Know Anyone in the Community, You WILL After this event


  • $350 AT THE DOOR
  •  **PRE-SALE $300**

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