Annual Multicultural Business & Career Expo

Presented by Russian American Media

Back Event Sep 6, 2017 @ 11 am

Multicultural Business & Career Expo is an annual event that offers resources in several major areas – business development, career advancement, health, education, and non-profits. The Expo is aimed to promote growth of local economy, reduce unemployment, and inspire education and career growth.

The event provides a showcase of local businesses, government organizations and non-profits, improves consumer confidence, educates small business owners about the government contract opportunities, and connects leading employers with the local workforce professionals.

The Business sector of the Expo provides an excellent platform for businesses to personally connect with over 3,000 multicultural consumers. Event attendees get an exceptional opportunity to reinforce community presence, promote certain programs among the multicultural consumers, and deliver information about the overall benefits offered by their organization.

Employment opportunities presented at the event vary from part time positions for high school students to advanced career openings for working professionals.

The Health sector is designed to showcase vendors, programs, and opportunities to improve your health and lifestyle.

The Education sector ranges from various K-12 private and charter schools to post graduate degrees for working adults.

The Non-profit section will introduce guests to the local non-profit projects and available resources.

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