Appraisals of Specialized Orchard & Vineyard Equipment: Q&A

Presented by NorCal Valuationq

Back Event Jul 14, 2017 @ 1 pm

Big changes are happening in California agriculture as farmers convert massive amounts of acreage to orchards and vineyards from crops like tomatoes and rice. Join equipment appraiser Jack Young, ASA, CPA, as he discusses the challenges of appraising speciality orchard & vineyard harvesting equipment, most of which is traded at the private party level rather than the dealer level, and learn why an equipment appraiser with relationships within the industry, who keeps up with the latest equipment developments and understands ag equipment history brings an important edge to the appraisal process! Jack can also explain how to order an equipment appraisal and what to expect from the valuation process. To learn more about specialized orchard and vineyard equipment, you can visit our blog. 

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