Bay Area Figurative Artists, Beat by Beat: Poetry in the Gallery

Back Event Feb 18, 2016 @ 7 pm

At the same time and place that the Bay Area Figurative artists were working – in midcentury San Francisco and the surrounding area – another artistic movement was taking shape: The Beats. Through their poetry, they expressed the same sense of alienation, discontentment, and rejection of the mainstream that the Bay Area Figurative artists were wrestling with. 

Though crossover between the two groups was limited, it did exist, and the cultural zeitgeist that they share is woven throughout both movements. Join us in the gallery of the exhibition “Back to Life: Bay Area Figurative Drawings,” and participate in live readings of Beat poetry, including Allen Ginsburg’s epic poem “Howl,” which is celebrating 60 years since its first publication. Read from poems provided, or bring your own favorite Beat poem to share.

Experience this exhibition with the rhythms and syncopations of the Beats’ groundbreaking poetry.

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