Bestselling Author to Lead Memoir Writing Workshop at Sacramento State

Back Event Apr 29, 2017 @ 9 am

Everyone has a tale worth telling and maybe, even the makings of a great book. Just ask Davis native Franz Wisner, who was jilted at the altar but turned the experience into a New York Times bestselling memoir, “Honeymoon with My Brother.” Wisner will be leading a pair of writing workshops at Sacramento State in April.

“A lot of people have a story they’ve got to get out,” Wisner says. “In a nutshell, that’s what I do. I help get that story out in a form that’s compelling, entertaining and interesting to read.”

He wasn’t even thinking of writing a book until his fiancée called off their wedding just days before the ceremony. With guests on their way from out of town, Wisner not only held a wedding reception without a bride, he went on a honeymoon and took his brother. But the story doesn’t end there.

The two single brothers quit their jobs, sold their possessions and traveled around the world for two years. Wisner turned his heartbreak into a bestselling memoir, followed by a second book on, of all topics, love.

The key to writing is “finding that voice that really suits you and not being someone else,” he says. “It’s finding that style that’s comfortable and true to yourself.”

With a background in communications, public relations and literature, Wisner teaches storytelling and literary techniques in his workshops. “It’s helping businesses, brands and individuals shape and share their stories with the world,” he says.

“Storytelling is a much more meaningful way to connect,” Wisner explains. “It’s the difference between trying to talk to somebody from the head and talking to somebody from the heart.”

Wisner has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, CNN and Fox News, among others. He has written essays for NPR, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times. And he has helped hundreds of aspiring writers.

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