BOLD Broadcast


Back Event Apr 28, 2020 @ 7 pm

BOLD was designed by women to empower women to share their vulnerable stories on BOLD topics. In these uncertain times, many of us are seeking ways to come together, enter BOLD Broadcast.

Beginning March 31, 2020 one speaker will take to the virtual microphone and share their story on Tuesday evenings at 7pm PST, for 10 consecutive weeks.

Not sure what to expect from BOLD Broadcast?

Our speakers bravely share their vulnerable story; a peek into their life. It may be emotional, it may make you laugh and it will certainly make you feel. These are stories, that we can all relate to. You can register for one week/one speaker or subscribe to receive access to the entire series.

Attendees can join the live session and will be provided the login information prior to the session or they will be sent a recording of the live session.

BOLD Broadcast may have sensitive material that is advised for 18+ year olds, although our in-person events have included teenage attendees at their parents’ discretion. Approximate program time runs 30 minutes.