Classical Concert: Gold Coast Trio, violin, cello, and piano

Presented by Crocker Art Museum

Back Event Apr 10, 2016 @ 3 pm

Join us for a lively performance by the Gold Coast Trio to complement the bold colors and celebrated faces in the exhibition “Andy Warhol: Portraits.” The Trio – violinist Rachel Vetter Huang, cellist Susan Lamb Cook, and pianist Hao Huang – have created a vibrant program featuring Warhol contemporary and fan Leonard Bernstein.

Warhol documented his meeting with Bernstein in his famous memoir “The Andy Warhol Diaries.” The concert will also include the jazz-infused classic “Café Music” by Paul Schoenfield, which premiered in 1987, the year of Warhol’s death.

Don’t miss this chance to pay tribute to Warhol with the skillful and energetic musicians of the Gold Coast Trio. Space is limited, and this concert is expected to sell out.

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