Cleantech Meetup: Mobility

Back Event Apr 26, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

Join us for April’s Cleantech Meetup, a technology-focused monthly meetup that features presentations about products and technologies from companies that are already in operation. Refreshments will be served!

Speakers and Presenters

  • Chris White, Communications Director, California Fuel Cell Partnership. CaFCP and its members are engaged on a day-to-day basis to move fuel cell electric vehicles closer to market. We collaborate on the ideas and actions that will create a sustainable future for zero-emission transportation.
  • Marc Lurie, Founder and CEO, SmartPedal Lab. SmartPedal utilizes a new technology—pedal signal correction—to improve the mileage and range of vehicles incorporating electronic accelerator pedals, including most electric-, hybrid- and combustion-powered cars and trucks.
  • Kacy Marrs, Founder, Marrs Cycles. Marrs is building an elite line of electric bicycles that enable riders to take advantage of a unique motorcycle-inspired riding experience in places where bicycles, and not motorcycles, are allowed.

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