Colors of Humanity and KRITIKOS Group Reception

Elk Grove Fine Arts Center

Back Event Sep 4, 2021 @ 4 pm

Elk Grove Fine Arts Center presents the Kritikos Group show. The Kritikos are a group of award winning professional artists who exhibit individually, rarely paint together, but who show their work as a group once a year. Their goal is to share with the public the spirit and energy of creativity. Guests are welcome at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center while wearing masks or face coverings for the safety of all visitors and staff.

Upcoming Exhibitions

August 7-26, 2021: COVID Collaborative with Joe Mariscal and Leslie Troutman

September 4-23, 2021: The Colors of Humanity Competition; Kritikos

Cover image: Colors of Humanity, Katherine Robbins. Click here for more information about these exhibitions. Please direct all questions to