Emerging Leaders Webinar

Build a Culture of Learning and Leadership

Back Event Apr 6, 2017

Join us on April 6 as we bring together leading voices in talent and people management for an interactive discussion on how to embed a culture of learning and leadership into your organization, while meeting the needs of today’s emerging social impact leaders. 

Join our panelists: 

  • Meghan Curran, Head of Talent at the Acumen Fund
  • Tracy Dunbar, Vice President of Talent at The Mission Continues
  • Mandy Taft-Pearman, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at The Bridgespan Group

Moderated by Kari Saratovsky at Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies

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Together we will:

Explore the concept of organizational learning (from the perspective of self, organization, and field), as it relates to leadership development.

Discuss the critical role executive leaders and talent managers play in creating a culture that empowers the rising generation of leaders to reach their full potential.

Share new tools and best practices that can help support all employees shape their own professional trajectories.

Ensure that thoughtful, intentional talent and leadership development becomes the norm for the social sector.

Learn more about our panelists here. 

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