Experience Architecture Volunteer Day: Mustard Seed School

Presented by AIAVC

Back Event Oct 20, 2018 @ 8 am

Join AIA architects and local students for a volunteer session at Mustard Seed School.

The school was established in 1989 to help meet the needs of homeless children. Many school age children do not attend school because of their homelessness; some lack immunizations, birth certificates, or other documents, some are in transit, and almost all lack a support system. In spite of their situations these children are eager to learn and to be accepted.  Mustard Seed School fills this need in a warm, supportive environment.

This volunteer session will focus on improving the School’s Outreach Cottage. Attendees will implement a design plan created by an earlier charrette gathering.

A signed liability form is required to participate.  All skill levels are welcome.

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