Food for Thought: Sacramento Chefs with Michelin-Star Skills

Presented by California Groundbreakers

Back Event Jan 29, 2018 @ 6 pm

Sacramento calls itself the “Farm to Fork Capital,” but none of its restaurants will be written up in a Michelin Guide for the foreseeable future (we’re not included in any of the four California regions that get one of their own).

But that’s okay, because we’ve got a few NorCal natives who left town to work at Michelin-starred restaurants and are now coming back home with their Top Chef skills and creds, and opening up their own places here.

We’re having a major food renaissance in the Sacramento region, and for our first “Food for Thought” event of 2018, we’ve got three chefs playing a big part in making that happen. Come listen to them talk about all things food – their experience, skills, philosophy, favorite dishes and ingredients, their new restaurants, and whether “Michelin” and “Sacramento” belong in the same sentence. 

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