Gender-Bias in the Technology Workplace

A Women in Tech Panel

Back Event Oct 19, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

Did the Google Bro’s anti-diversity memo make you mad? Gain more insight on gender-bais in the technology workplace in a special Women in Tech discussion. What’s really (still) happening and how can women and men work together to improve the workplace culture in tech?

While this is a Women in Tech event, men are welcome and encouraged to attend! Don’t worry guys — you won’t be the only man there! 

Moderator: Janine Yancey​

Janine Yancey is a tech CEO, lawyer and expert on HR and workplace compliance, with a specialty in sexual harassment, bias and ethics issues. Janine is the founder and CEO of Emtrain, a technology and data platform delivering on-demand content and guidance on HR and compliance topics to navigate workplace issues and promote healthier organizations. Prior to founding Emtrain, Janine was a labor and employment lawyer working with tech firms including Google, Intuit and a variety of start-ups.

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