Leveraging Investor Relationships to Benefit Your Startup Business

by CleanStart Inc

Back Event Mar 20, 2018 @ 5:30 pm

Once you’ve raised outside capital, regardless of the stage or amount, it is time to think about building a lasting relationship with your investors. In this seminar, we’ll cover the legal aspects of working with investors as well as best practices for cultivating a relationship that provides long term benefits for your company.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Types of Investment
  • Stages of Investment
  • Investment Instruments
  • Post-funding investor relations

This seminar will include presentations from Weintraub Tobin and a discussion with a panel of investors and funded startup founders. While the seminar is organized by CleanStart, it will be relevant to all tech startups, regardless of industry.


  • Chris Chediak, Weintraub Tobin
  • Matthew K. Van Leeuwen, Weintraub Tobin


  • Elizabeth Dodson, HomeZada
  • Jordan Darling, Nikola Power Sports – invited
  • John Peters, Sacramento Angels
  • Jack Crawford, Impact Venture Capital – invited

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