Policy and a Pint: Sexual Harassment at the State Capitol

Presented by California Groundbreakers

Back Event Jan 17, 2018 @ 6:30 pm

Besides #MeToo and #TimesUp, one of the best-known hashtags in California right now is #WeSaidEnough. 

That term was introduced in a bipartisan letter published last October in the Los Angeles Times, with signatures from more than 140 women working in California politics. It was the first open statement nationwide by women calling for an end to the pervasive culture of harassment and assault within the hallowed halls of government. Their actions highlighted the fact that, even in a state as progressive as California, the Capitol community can still be an “old boys’ network” that doesn’t always treat the women working within it with much respect.

#WeSaidEnough, which is now an nonprofit focused on changing the culture and establishing independent accountability, has added a strong voice to the national conversation about sexual harassment. In the past two months, four legislators have been called out, Senate President Kevin DeLeon has hired law firms to investigate alleged misconduct, and multiple hearings have been held in the Capitol to focus on sexual harassment policies.

So what happens next? What will come from these legal investigations and legislative hearings? Should we expect specific bills from the Assembly and the Senate on this issue, and will they have teeth? And how will the sexual harassment scandals in state government translate into policy that affects workplaces around California?

Join us for our first “Policy and a Pint” discussion of 2018 – it’s the first of many events we’re holding in what will definitely be an interesting Election Year.

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