The Riverfront Development Program

Back Event Mar 24, 2017 @ 7:30 am

The Sacramento River waterfront is positioned to become the next key economic driver for the region. With recent momentum behind planning the Sacramento Railyards, constructing the Golden 1 Center/Downtown Commons, and West Sacramento’s Washington Neighborhood and Bridge District, the time is now to consider what to do with the barriers created by I-5, and land development that has, for so long, turned its back to our River.  

Other cities have capitalized on their riverfront locations to develop well known, successful places for recreation, business, retail, and housing opportunities. ULI Sacramento has invited experts from these four cities: 

  1. Chattanooga, TN
  2. Spokane, WA
  3. Louisville, KY
  4. Pittsburgh, PA

 Hear from these experts about real strategies and focused efforts around leadership, investment, design, programming, maintenance, partnerships and management that have created exciting environments and laid the foundation for the private sector to invest millions in supporting development.

Representing Chattanooga, TN 

Kim H. White, President/CEO River City Company

Representing Spokane, WA

Garrett Jones, Assistant Director of Park Operations; Parks & Operations Division    

Representing Louisville, KY

Mike Kimmel, Deputy Director Waterfront Development Corporation

Representing Pittsburgh, PA 

Vivien Le, President & CEO Riverlife

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