A Second Edition Retrograde Salon – Redshift

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Back Event Sep 10, 2016 @ 8 pm

After the initial success of the First Edition Retrograde Salon the team at Retrograde Collective will be curating a second edition with a new theme, Retrograde Salon: Redshift. The new salon will be at the Red Museum. The second edition salon will feature writers, artists, musicians, as well as some other unique surprises. 

This quarter’s salon is themed after the concept of redshift. The following adapted quote from astrophysicist Glenn Starkman inspired the thematic choice, “…an expanding universe means eventually all galaxies beyond our own local supercluster will redshift so far that it will become hard to detect the stars, and the distant universe will turn dark.”

The intent of Retrograde Salon: Redshift is to explore how we contend with isolation, infinity, and the impossibility of reaching distant stars, displaying beauty and loneliness side by side. This salon will feature work that plays with the boundaries of light and perspective in art and writing while expanding our understanding of the cosmos. Every salon that Retrograde curates is also intended to bring siloed art communities together under one roof to expand the the reach of artistic experience. 

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