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by Business Networking Formula

Back Event Mar 22, 2018 @ 9 am

Why Should You Attend a Business Networking Formula Meeting?

With more than a decade of trial and error, trying to develop a networking meeting that truly works, we have created the Business Networking Formula (BNF).

  • We know that all business is a people business.
  • Lasting business comes from lasting relationships.
  • These relationships come from getting to know, like, and trust others.
  • We call this the “Partnership Path.”
  • Spending time face-to-face is the only way you can truly get to know, like, and trust someone.
  • So, we’ve removed the fluff out of networking to get down to business.

At each BNF meeting, you’ll have a one-to-one interaction, spending time making a new friend or building upon a current relationship.

Either way, you will build stronger relationships that will help grow your business and ultimately change your lifestyle.

It’s REAL Networking!

Here’s what you can expect at your complimentary visit:

  • Arrival: You want to come 15 minutes early to check-in and meet a Greeter who will introduce you to others.
  • Check-in: If you’ve already RSVP’d, have your email ticket ready to present to the meeting host upon arriving. If you have not RSVP’d, a Greeter will help you check-in online through your mobile phone.
  • Networking: The first 5-10 minutes are used to mingle and provides you an opportunity to begin thinking about who you’d like to meet with today.
  • Introductions: We’ll pass business cards and go around the room giving everyone 30 seconds to share their name, profession, tagline and an industry partner they’d like to meet. You may be the one! (Others may know someone you’re looking to meet.)
  • One-to-One Meetings: Following the introductions, you get to pick your one-to-one meeting. There will be a quick dance while everyone gets matched up and settles into a table. If you’re unsure, the Leader will help match you up.
  • Conclusion: Towards the end of each meeting, a couple of minutes are spent sharing
  • Success Stories and Testimonials: You’ll hear what others are doing and get motivated.
  • Joining: At the conclusion of your complimentary meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to decide if you want to join the BNF family. You’ll learn about the value BNF offers its members, and you decide if its right for you.

It’s simple, yet effective.

You are the CEO of your network. Your “net-worth” will never exceed your “network.”

Check out a BNF Meeting in your area for free. There is no better way to grow your network and your net worth than by following the Partnership Path.

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