TAG Talks Live: 1 Day of Powerful Talks

By TAGTalks

Back Event Feb 15, 2019 @ 9 am

This pulsing event will articulate a ferocious call to claim your personal power. World-renowned professional speakers, authors and mentors will reveal the main motive of humankind is the pursuit of happiness and greater personal freedoms.

Three times a year, a group of interesting and impactful people gathers for a full day TAG experience — which attendees have described as “the ultimate impact” and “a journey into the lives of people who care by sharing.” It’s a winning formula of brilliant, curious minds and life changing content in an immersive transforming environment.

The Sacramento Growth Conference is 1 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts (and a few celebrities) that have been in your shoes and have turned their relationships, businesses and careers into fulfillment. There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of our sessions. Everything you learn is tested, proven tactics to increase your skills and improve your life. You’ll walk out of the event with powerful notes, full of actionable growth strategies that you can apply the second you get home.

With up to 1200 attendees, you’ll meet people who have been in your shoes, who have faced the same problems you have, and who have overcome the same obstacles. You’ll be among your people with passion for change, business owners, and entrepreneurs from every industry. Plus, we’ll help you break the ice (and break bread) with networking sessions. You will leave TAG TALKS 2019 having met, networked, and formed strategic partnerships with people just like you.

TAG stands for Transparency, Acceptance, Growth — three broad subject areas that are collectively changing lives. But a TAG conference is broader still, showcasing important ideas from any discipline, and exploring how they all connect. The format is fast-paced: 10 talks over the course of the day, as well as morning and evening get-togethers. As they take in the program, attendees and speakers from vastly different fields will spark inspiration in you from unlikely places. This is the magic of Personal Stories worth Sharing, of TAG.

Speakers include : 

  • Keynote: Tom Bilyeu, The Impact Theory 
  • Krista Mashore, Real Estate Expert
  • Mark Haney, The Mark Haney Show 

For full list of speakers and additional details, click here.