A Wise Approach to Addressing Anger in Organizations

Presented by CBA Organizational Wisdom Studio

Back Event Nov 15, 2017 @ 6 pm

If you want to gain new insights about how people in organizations can more wisely experience and express anger to turn conflict into opportunities, you might want to consider attending this event.

This innovative event will create an interdisciplinary platform featuring experts from the academia, theater, music, and business world, to explore questions such as:

  •  What can we learn from Beethoven, Mozart, Aristotle, and Virginia Woolf about managing anger in organizations?
  • Are Californians angrier than other cultures?
  • Do men differ from women when it comes to experiencing anger in organizations?
  • How can we make anger a constructive opportunity in the workplace?

The panelists contributing to this Wisdom Studio will include: 

  • Professor Deanne Geddes, from Temple University, an international expert on anger in organizations, keynote speaker and panelist
  • Professor Nick Windeshausen, a 95‐year‐young emeritus faculty from the CBA,
  • Mr. Dennis Gardemeyer, a successful business leader, CBA alumnus, and the chairman
  • of CBA Advisory Council,
  • Ms. Elisabeth Nunziato, acclaimed actor and director from B Street Theater,
  • Mr. Paul Lambert, a seasoned executive at Medergie, providing neuromodulation technologies,
  • Professor Robin Fisher, School of Music, Sacramento State,
  • Professor Hakan Ozcelik, College of Business Administration, Sacramento State, who will moderate this event.

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