California Groundbreakers: The State of the Arts

Back Jun 29, 2016 @ 6 pm

When the Art Hotel opened its doors for 10 days in February, no more than 5,000 people were expected to walk through them. But tens of thousands of people lined up — many for hours — to take the tour, and about 20,000 people were turned away.

Obviously, the interest to see great art is here. But was Art Hotel the tipping point for turning that interest into more involvement in the local art scene? And what does Sacramento — the city, the business community, the art professionals, the deep-pocketed donors, and the general public — need to do to become the arts hub that it wants to be?

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Join us for a discussion about Sacramento’s arts scene — where it’s at, where it should go, how to get it there, and how you can help with that — with five people who have great opinions on the matter:

  • Seumas Raibeart Coutts, Ph.D. - co-founder and curator of M5 Arts, the nonprofit group behind the Art Hotel
  • Gioia Fonda - local artist and professor of art at Sacramento City College, whose latest artwork requires the donation of at least 5,000 forks (
  • Barbara Range — director and curator of the Brickhouse Art Gallery in Oak Park 
  • Bryan Valenzuela - local artist chosen by the City of Sacramento to create a large-scale art piece for the new Golden 1 Center 
  • Shelly Willis - executive director of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, who directs the City and County of Sacramento’s Art in Public Places Program 

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