DECODE: Inclusivity + Homelessness

Back Dec 3, 2016 @ 9 am

All of us are motivated to implement change in our community. We’re also tired of accessing the same methods of problem solving and ideation that don’t let us think outside the box or even worse, promote ideas that are too big to act on. Hacker Lab is presenting a new framework for problem solving in our community and we need your help to make it successful. 

DECODE will be a new way of thinking about social issues and our first topic is Homelessness and Inclusivity. Hacker Lab will be working directly with Street Soccer USA, Sacramento, a social rehabilitation for homeless women in Sacramento. 

Let’s ask ourselves, how can we attack this problem from a standpoint of empathy, collaboration and effectiveness?  Hacker Lab is bringing together unlikely partners to provide context for best practices and obstacles around homelessness, in combination with a design thinking workshop around how to form new partnerships, strategies, and out of the box ideas to combat a systemic yet very solvable issue.  

This is your chance to get involved. DECODE is a new series that will begin to re​-​engage people in this city around solving the problems that we care about most. Homelessness is the first topic but we plan to build a cohesive community that can introspect and innovate around many topics.  If you are trying to make a difference in this city ​but are unsure how, this is your chance to meet like minds and forge the friendships and partnerships that can make real change.

Hacker Lab will be working in partnership with Street Soccer USA, Sacramento and The Shop at VSP to bring this day of innovation together! 

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