EDGEx: Making Meetings Count

Back Dec 14, 2017 @ 12 pm

Running a productive meeting is a challenge. With so many different personality types at the table, inevitable conflicts of ideas that come up, and the constant battle against not enough time and boring recaps, it’s a challenge for the meeting leader to know how to handle so many potential pitfalls and obstacles. They often give in to the same old recipe for a boring meeting: accountability through agendas with bullet points for financials, reporting mechanisms, old news, new news and adjourn to next meeting. No wonder people loathe meetings.

Tania Fowler - business coach and owner of Interplay Coaching – works with leaders and their teams find ways to improve their overall communications and goal achievement. Coaching teams to better meeting engagement is an important way to help make that happen. Tania will walk webinar participants through 4 types of meetings, creative engagement, and how to approach conflict when it arises. She will talk about how you can ensure that participants are paying attention to what is being discussed by making the meeting content compellingly relevant to their jobs.

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