Free Startup Workshop: Leveraging Lean Startup and Design Thinking

Back Jun 27, 2017 @ 6 pm

There is no such thing as overnight success. Great business are built one brick at a time. In this session we’ll explore how to use the Lean Startup Methodology and Design Thinking Principals to start taking steps in building your product or business.

By utilizing these frameworks we’ll learn how to understand our customers problems, form hypotheses about solutions, quickly build Minimal Viable Products, and track their effectiveness with real customers. This cycle is the first brick in your business. By repeating this process we can ensure we’re building the right solution for the right customer.

About the Presenter:

Jake Elia is an entrepreneur and product developer who was born, raised, and living in Northern California. Currently Head of Products & Technology at Bamboo Creative, he leads a team to create digital experiences for clients ranging from local businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Jake started his first business at seventeen years of age. Since then he has launched several businesses and numerous digital products. Self proclaimed jack of all trades, his experience ranges from launching brick and mortar restaurants and cafes like Bloom Coffee & Tea to investor backed startups like Snippet App and Booklaunch. In addition to his role at Bamboo Creative he is an Entrepreneur in Residence through Hacker Lab where he acts as a resource and mentor for entrepreneurs.