Sacramento Food Policy Council Quarter 4 Meeting:

Life cycle of local soil - from Restaurant, to Compost, to Farm

Back Dec 7, 2017 @ 5:30 pm

Join the Sacramento Food Policy Council for its Quarter 4 Meeting! The first week of December is Global Soils Week, so we will be showcasing the importance of healthy soil in our community. Healthy soil is full of life: its essential to grow our food, keep us healthy, and support our environment and climate.

Come see Hot Italian’s food waste worm bin, and listen to a panel of experts connected across different sectors of our food and farming system that all contribute to healthy soil: a chef, a composter, and a farmer.

David Baker, co-founder, of GRAS will talk about their ReSoil Sacramento Program that creates a community compost network, collecting food waste from restraunts, building it into healthy soil, and distributig to urban farms and community, school and church gardens.

Timonthy Chapman, Farm Manager at the IRC Refugee Farm in West Sacramento, will demonstrate the cruical role healthy soil plays in growing crops on their farm.

Andrea Lepore, co-founder of Hot Italian, will explain why they compost their food scraps and the importance of feeding their food waste back to the community growing food.

**Some pizza will be provided by SFPC

More panelists and detailed agenda to be announced soon.

This event is part of California Soils Week!

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